Hello GoodBye returns! – Sat. 5th Oct. – Ft: Skinny Girl Diet, Benjamin Folke Thomas + Rowan Coupland

hello goodbye returns 051013
Live music returns in it’s regular Saturday lunchtime slot on Resonance 104.4 FM with The Hello GoodBye Show where the intention is to hit the ground running with 3 sets of live performers joining us in the studio; Skinny Girl Diet, Benjamin Folke Thomas and Rowan Coupland… it promises to be frantic but much fun so please be certain to tune in from noon until 1.30pm.
Skinny Girl Diet are a ‘fierce girl gang from London‘ who proffer potent Punk-Pop perfection performed with power and panache. Hot off the heels of their superbly successful support slot for Primal Scream at the prestigious Roundhouse, this trio are pulling up trees a-plenty on the thriving London indie live music scene, hear them here before the entire population of the planet catches up!
Benjamin Folke Thomas’s debut album “Too Close To Here” is one of the most keenly awaited releases from London’s thriving folk & roots scene.
Folke Thomas’s live ability has attracted a dedicated fanbase and rave reviews, including Q Magazine (“stunning playing… his finger-picking is the best you will ever hear”) and The Guardian (“stands out like Oliver Reed at an AA meeting”).  In an attempt to capture his talent on record, cult-label Bucketfull Of Brains released the eponymously-titled EP in 2010, described by the Sunday Times as “a convincing called card…reminiscent of Greenwich Village circa 1965.”
In 2012 Folke Thomas toured in the UK, Spain and Texas and received widespread radio play. “Too Close To Here” is set for release by Bucketfull Of Brains / Proper Music in September 2013.
Rowan Coupland is one of the lesser-spotted talents to emerge out of the interwoven folk scenes of Brighton and London. Although the Willkommen Collective became famous for sharing a large pool of adept musicians, Coupland’s records have always been painstakingly produced alone, from the first hum of an electric guitar to a choir made of 50 iterations of his own voice, to violins and clarinets and accordions, pianos, organs, and zithers tumbling against ukuleles and glockenspiels.

Leaving England for Paris, Vancouver and finally Berlin, his music is as nomadic as his passport, drawing on everything from Ethiopian Jazz to Appalachian ballads, old spirituals, madrigals and gamelan, and his live performances see him stalking the stage and stepping out into the audience, harp drawn close, singing old stories of love and new ones of streetlights and the darkened city riverbanks.

NB* Please note that contrary to the previous entry on this blog Peggy Seeger is sadly unable to join us in the studio today.

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