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The perfect complement to a cup of tea and a bowl of porridge, The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show has been reviving hung over listeners in London and beyond every Saturday lunchtime between noon and 1.30pm, ever since Resonance 104.4 FM first hit the airwaves back in the Spring of 2002.

Occasional excursions into poetry, drama and sound art aside, the show revolves around the one thing that excites us the most… MUSIC!

Whether your thing is electro-punk, avant-pop or good old free-folk it will be heard on Hello GoodBye, where each week at least 2 acts perform live in session.

If there is a general ethos to the show, it is to champion the unsung heroes of the underground music scene: those marginalised & unclassifiable mavericks who might otherwise find themselves with little or no exposure elsewhere. With a distinct leaning towards people of a DIY disposition, dB are proud to be witnessing a whole host of former guests starting to move onwards and upwards. Having said that, the show is not averse to an occasional appearance by already established musical pioneers, with visits from folk legends Pete & Peggy Seeger and the legendary punk goddess Ari-Up being a particularly memorable cases in point.

With the age of guests ranging from 16 to 86, the show has no door policy or dress code… if you have something to say and are striving for something unique then you will definitely be welcome on The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show.

Current contributors:
deXter Bentley, Martin Pearce & Agathe Max.

Former contributors:
Ilia Rogatchevski, Isa Ferri, Lisa Geurts, Tom Kemp, Leisha Thomas, Beth Rogers, Sarah Ghandour, Eric Lintunen, Jamie Kennett, Dan Frost, Michael Garrad, Ean Ravenscroft, Simon Dye & Ric Clark.

Contact: deXterBentley@hotmail.com

15 Responses to About / Contact

  1. Jude Cowan says:

    How smart that The Windsors are on this weekend.


  2. Sexton Ming says:

    Oi richard. Could you reserve me 2 mins (£20) werth of the show to raise money for Resonance for me. I’ll settle with you guys soon.
    Love sexton.


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  6. Ian Brodie says:

    Lovin’ this band Sweething Dexter, sign ’em up ! Big Peckham love, Brodie & Dolly x


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  9. Stef Simons says:

    Great interview with Fragile Star and loving the 8hr “review of 2018” show. Happy New Year to all at Resonance! Groovy love from Essex, Stef & Jane. X


  10. jemma's dad says:

    dont shave your Head Jemma ……….. from the old git


  11. june peters says:

    I understand resonance is going to do something about Carole Chant who died on Friday. I can’t see anything on the scheduling. Can you let us know when it will be so I can alert people.


  12. Eilish McCracken says:

    Hi there,
    Hi there, great to hear DCW’s new music and the interview with Tom 🙂 Also, thank you for playing Sergeant Buzfuz’s new single: we are hoping to try a band meeting on Zoom later! I’ll be in touch with Kate later too – her solo stuff is sounding fantastic!
    Thank you for keeping our spirits up with music!
    Warm wishes to you,
    Éilish (of Sergeant Buzfuz, Slate Islands, Lashtal, Rose McDowall, Sol Invictus and While Angels Watch!)


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