Hello GoodBye – 11.05.13 – Ft: Iafra Famoriyo + JuJu Rock

JuJu Rock and Iafra Famoriyo perform live in session on Hello GoodBye this Saturday.

Iafra Famoriyo
began as percussionist/drummer and backing vocalist; playing for several bands; Jah Music International (Jamaica and Holland), Chossan Roots (Gambia), Mataya Clifford (Zimbabwe and U.K ), Marcus Jahn (dub poetry UK ), Arkology and Rag ‘n’ Boom (DK) Playing a wide range of styles but rooted in reggae, jazz, soul, dub, and African styles. Mostly based outside of UK, playing for bands such as Jah Music International, who he recorded an album with in Jamaica, with Jamaican artists such as Larry Marshall and Dennis Fearon. Iafra performed with J.M.I for several years, playing in Europe and Africa

After coming back from Jamaica, Iafra took to playing the guitar, started writing songs of his own. Around this time he started to travel to Africa, firstly going overland, driving from Europe to Africa across the Sahara to Mali, Niger and Nigeria. On returning he released his first album called ‘African Story time.’ Returned to Africa to play to sold out venues, over a period of 3 years, with the band Rag ‘n’ Boom and Remnant, who were based in Denmark. Rag ‘N’ Boom recorded an album, ‘World People’, a fine blend of reggae, soul and jazz. Travelled to the U.S to record several other tracks, working with Sun Ra’s nephew Coolinuff (Mario Howell)

Throughout this time and over a period of 20 yrs, Iafra has performed and recorded, as guitarist and vocalist with Arkology, a London based reggae dub outfit; recording several albums: ‘The Blueprint’, ‘225th Movement’, ‘Resonate’, ‘360 Degreez’ and this year’s 2013 release called ‘Return of the Dread I’; available on Itunes, Blakamix, Spotify and Amazon.

Also releasing another track this year, ‘All in a day,’ with CMP studios; available on Itunes etc,
Iafra’s style is eclectic, rhythmic and soulful with overtones of jazz, Latin and reggae. You can find him here on Facebook

JUJU ROCK is brand new project from Brixton. A fire starting, guitar led quartet cooking up a potent concoction of vibrant African cross rhythms heavily influenced by gritty funk rock elements, this combined with their energy makes them matchless.

Some of the members of this outfit have helped shape the sounds of some of London’s premier afro centric bands. Guitar virtuoso Christian Arcucci still tours with Anthony Joseph’s infamous Spasm Band while drummer Paul Zimmerman was one of the founding members of the riotous Yaaba Funk.

As a quartet JUJU ROCK is as loud and intricate as a band twice its size. This very special attribute makes it almost impossible to pigeon- hole them into any particular music genre. The band’s true power comes across when African village scenarios and a mastery of rhythm and melody collide with heavy psychedelic guitar riffs and ferocious percussion.

Tune in between noon and 1.30pm on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via: http://www.resonancefm.com

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