Come be live radio! Hello GoodBye – 23.02.13 – @ Utrophia ft: Rosie Okae + more

Hello GoodBye sails down river to Deptford for an outside broadcast from Utrophia.

Lunch Music

Extra Bones presents it’s own Godparent; Utrophia, for a special instalment of it’s Lunch Music series with live performances from Rosie Okae and many more.

Expect concept bands, new iterations of old projects, musical experiments, and collective favourites from a sprawling bunch of brilliant weirdos.

Live music and recordings from previous Extra Bones and Lunch Music projects.

Plus interviews with Extra Bones and Utrophia founders.

Rosie Okae creates experimental pop, in collaboration with NOW’s Justin Paton, imaginatively blending a diverse mix of styles and influences. The openness and appealing fragility of her lyrics are strikingly complimented by the richness of her vocalisation.

This FREE ENTRY music event will be broadcast LIVE on Resonance 104.4 FM between noon and 1.30pm.

Visitors welcome!

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