Listen again: Hello GoodBye w. Extra Bones @ Utrophia Ft: Rosie Okae + many more!

Andrew Kerr in Extra Bones @ Utrophia
Sicamore @ Lunch Music @ Utrophia on Hello GoodBye on Resonance

Listen again: HERE

Rosie Okae – Help Myself (LIVE SESSION)
Rosie Okae – Met (LIVE SESSION)
Rosie Okae – I’ll Believe What I Can (LIVE SESSION)
Rosie Okae – ‘interview’
Gasp! Cracking Eggs – Steam Clean the Cobbles
Andrew Kerr (Extra Bones) – ‘interview’
Mouth 4 Rusty – The Lever (LIVE SESSION)
Mouth 4 Rusty – Good Men Now (LIVE SESSION)
Anacreon – Nomo
Lies Innit – Real Casino (LIVE SESSION)
Lies Innit – 2nd Cut (LIVE SESSION)
Lies Innit – Whilst You’re Away (LIVE SESSION)
Lies Innit – Out Run (LIVE SESSION)
Lies Innit – Lies Innit (LIVE SESSION)
Paco Jnr. – Tarantas
Sicamore – All Alongs (LIVE SESSION)
Sicamore – Bloodlines (LIVE SESSION)
Sound piece by Bernie Kerr made during Extra Bones’ Progress In Work 2
Stephen Molyneux (Utrophia) – ‘interview’ (w. Dan Frost)
Peanuts – Linus (improvised) (LIVE SESSION)
Peter Rockmount – Furby Go
Jackdaw Sandwich – Cast A Shadow (LIVE SESSION)
Jackdaw Sandwich – Polly (LIVE SESSION)
Jackdaw Sandwich – Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From (LIVE SESSION)
Utrophian Mass in the key of G (LIVE SESSION)

Extra Bones
Rosie Okae
Mouth 4 Rusty

Presented by: deXter Bentley & Dan Frost
Live webstreaming: Michael Garrad (w. Joe Oldfield)
Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin, Michael Garrad & Tim Rigsby-Smith (Utrophia)

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2 Responses to Listen again: Hello GoodBye w. Extra Bones @ Utrophia Ft: Rosie Okae + many more!

  1. Jackdaw says:

    Is it just me or is there only the first few and last few minutes here?


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