Hello GoodBye playlist – Saturday 29th January 2011

Saturday 29th January 2011.

Wet Dog – Wymmin’s Final (HG archive)
Duke Garwood – Summer Gold (LIVE SESSION)
Duke Garwood – Jesus Got A Gun (LIVE SESSION)
Duke Garwood – Wine Blood (LIVE SESSION)
Duke Garwood – Gods In My Shoes (LIVE SESSION)
Charles Mingus – Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
Duke Garwood – Interview
Master Musicians Of Joujouka – Habibi Wan Amali (My Love What More Have I)
Gerry Mitchell (with Duke Garwood & Paul May) – Dreaded Nightfall (LIVE SESSION)
Duncan McAfee – Your Voice Travels (Episode 2)
The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Folk Band – Hoodoo Bash
Jack Underwood – Interview with Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel (Part 2)
Benjamin Prosser – Winter Of Soot (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Prosser – Fire Animal (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Prosser – The Calling Kind (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Prosser – Patina (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Prosser – On Knowing (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Prosser – Your Ox Will Calf (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Prosser – Interview

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