HG20 – 20 Years of Hello GoodBye

Upset The Rhythm & Hello Goodbye present…

HG20 : ‘A three-day fundraiser celebrating 20 years of Hello Goodbye and Resonance FM’


Saturday 30 July
MOTH Club, Old Trades Hall, Valette St, London, E9 6NU
7.30pm – 10.30pm | £10 | Tickets: https://link.dice.fm/N6957a30c1ea


Sunday 31 July
MOTH Club, Old Trades Hall, Valette St, London, E9 6NU
7.30pm – 10.30pm | £10 | Tickets: https://link.dice.fm/g033d19f7eeb

KATE STABLES (This Is The Kit)
GINA BIRCH (The Raincoats)

Monday 1 August
MOTH Club, Old Trades Hall, Valette St, London, E9 6NU
7.30pm – 11pm | £10 | Tickets: https://link.dice.fm/Rab47aa5d2fa

£25 Three day tickets: https://link.dice.fm/j66637a0c823

For the last 20 years The Hello GoodBye Show has proven itself a pillar of the anti-establishment, offering a consistent and supportive platform for quite literally thousands of left-field and counter cultural artists, and while some were near household names (Ari Up / Pete Seeger), and others would go on to achieve wide acclaim (Sleaford Mods / This Is The Kit), the vast majority of live guests would continue to gleefully plough their own idiosyncratic furrows, with never an inkling to pander to, nor placate any pre-conceived idea of mainstream ideal.

It feels fully holistic to collaborate with Upset The Rhythm for HG20, a triptych of consecutive concerts held in celebration of The Hello GoodBye Show’s 20th birthday, as Chris Tipton from UTR himself first appeared as a guest on HG back in 2007 with the boisterous brevity biased band Hands On Heads and later again with the psycho-geographically prone duo Way Through.

All profits made from HG20 will go directly towards helping Resonance FM return to live programming as soon as possible. An illustrious roll call of previous guests has gladly agreed to perform live at these landmark events, including firebrands old and new; Wreckless Eric, Gina Birch (The Raincoats), The Monochrome Set, Bas Jan, Dee Byrne & Cath Roberts, Lilith Ai, Meatraffle, The Mindreaders + Very Special Guest (tba). This series of Resonance FM fundraisers will take place in the atmospheric and intimate location of The Memorable Order Of Tin Hats Club (M.O.T.H. Club) over three consecutive nights; Saturday 30th July, Sunday 31st July & Monday 1st August.

The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show originally began broadcasting back in May 2002, as part of a small team of autonomous program makers, creating freewheeling and innovative new content for the advent of the avant-garde, arts radio station Resonance FM, the first community based, not-for-profit, arts radio station in London.

The genesis of Resonance FM can be traced to John Peel’s Meltdown in 1998, when the LMC (London Musician’s Collective) were invited to broadcast an experimental radio station over the course of the festival on a localised bandwidth from The Southbank Centre on The River Thames. 

In 2002 Resonance FM was awarded the licence to broadcast over the 104.4 FM wavelength in Central London, and over the following five years (2002-2007) it was situated in the heart of Tin-Pan-Alley on Denmark Street. Over the past 14 years Resonance FM has been based on Borough High Street but during the pandemic it has been forced to relocate once again and is currently painstakingly repurposing an old abandoned chapel in SE1.

deXter Bentley continues to aspire to the two worded mantra/manifesto that was originally bestowed upon him by Resonance FM Station Manager Ed Baxter, who said, ‘BE BOLD!’.

More on the artists performing at HG20:

WRECKLESS ERIC is Eric Goulden. He was given the name to hide behind. After a while he realized he was stuck with it. Onstage he hides behind nothing, he tells the truth with big open chords, lilting enchantment, squalls of feedback, dissonance, bizarre stories and backchat. Eric began his recording life on Stiff Records in 1977 with his enduring hit Whole Wide World when he was little more than an ex-teenage art student. Eventually he sidestepped the mechanics of stardom to become Britain’s biggest underground household name, much loved and often underestimated. His 2015 album ‘amERICa’ reminded those who’ve kept the faith and new generations of fans what he’s all about. He won’t recreate 1978 for you, he’ll blow your mind instead.

MEATRAFFLE is a common chord running through the leftist brigades of the South London art scene. For Meatraffle it is the political, the platonic, the comradeship of the struggle that provides true artistic grist.

LILITH AI is a guitarist, who writes and performs poignant tales of modern life. Hailing from nowhere special, Lilith began releasing lo-fi bedroom recordings in 2016. Her first EP RIOT is full of underground anthems popular with Riot grrrls word wide. Her second EP Native Tongue chronicles her teen years, spent living on the streets of Queens New York. 2019 saw the release of 3rd EP Bare Radical with evolving sounds. Lilith’s artfully delivered songs fit somewhere between indie pop and anti-folk.

THE MONOCHROME SET are a highly influential English new wave band, originally formed in London in 1978 by Bid (vocals & guitar), Lester Square (lead guitar), and J D Haney (from The Art Attacks, on drums). In 1979, they signed to Rough Trade and released three singles, “He’s Frank”, “Eine Symphonie Des Grauens”, and “The Monochrome Set”. They released their debut studio album, “Strange Boutique”, produced by Bob Sargeant in 1980. Their classic follow-up album, “Love Zombies”, was produced by Alvin Clark and the band, later that same year. In 2018, the 40th year since the band formed, their 14th studio album, “Maisieworld” and a box set, “The Monochrome Set 1979–1985: Complete Recordings”, was released. The group’s most recent album ‘Allhallowtide’ was released earlier this year.

THE MINDREADERS are Richard Ipaint on vocals and drums, Sexton Ming on vocals, sfx and guitar, and Russ Wilkins on vocals and guitar, with all three on songwriting duty too. Fans of The Pop Rivets, The Milkshakes, The Natural Born Lovers, Rocking Richard, The Delmonas, Auntie Vegetable, The Wildebeests and more will know all about them. Debut album ‘Ban The Mindreader’ was released in 1987 on Russ’ Empire Records label, with some extra gig recordings to bulk it out. Some of the gig recordings also found their way to the Medway Powerhouse compilations on Hangman Records. Fast forward 30 years, Russ and Richard realised they only lived 25 miles apart in Scotland, and now much wiser, a connection was made from Sexton (now also much wiser) who wanted to do something dim and simple. A gig was arranged in Hastings which led on to more gigs! Following on from the gigs, they convened in a garage and recorded some songs over two days onto a Tascam 8 track, 1/2” recorder, playing whatever they felt worked, recording over twenty tracks. The fruits from this labour were released last year by Spinout Nuggets as the LP ‘Continuation’.

DEE BYRNE & CATH ROBERTS released their first album on Luminous in 2020. Mixed by Alex Bonney, Disembark! is a series of short acoustic improvisations recorded at Gun Factory Studios. Disembark! is a series of short, spontaneous improvisations that explore a dramatic range of textures, whilst maintaining the sense of an ongoing, inquisitive conversation. The recording came about after a series of live duo performances; going into the studio seemed like the next logical step.

KATE STABLES has been making music since the 00s with her band This Is The Kit, which all started when she moved to Bristol and started playing and collaborating with local musicians. This Is The Kit have created a name for themselves with songs that untangle emotional knots and weave remarkable stories. Now four albums in, and based in Paris, the story of This Is The Kit is itself one of time and change and listeners. It has carried Kate Stables from Winchester to Bristol to Paris, across tours and festivals and the admiration of critics and her peers. Among these are Sharon Van Etten, The National (Aaron Dessner appears multiple times on Moonshine Freeze), Chris Thile (of Nickel Creek, Punch Brothers, and now the host of A Prairie Home Companion), as well as Guy Garvey and much of BBC 6Music.


GINA BIRCH released her first ever solo single last year on Third Man Records called ‘Feminist Song’. Gina Birch is a founding member of Dorothy, The Hangovers and The Raincoats. Gina was also a member of Red Crayola when Mayo Thompson asked her to contribute to their ‘Kangaroo’ album. ‘Feminist Song’ made it’s way into recent Raincoats gigs and Gina’s longtime collaborator and fellow Raincoat Ana da Silva contributes monotron on this recording. Gina performs solo using film and video projections with sound that she augments live with guitar and vocals.

BAS JAN are a London-based ensemble, this year they returned with an expanded line-up and a much-anticipated second album ‘Baby U Know’ (Lost Map). It is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2018 debut album Yes I Jan, which was hailed for its “messy majesty” (Uncut) and “beautifully fractured art-pop” (Mojo). Bas Jan were co-founded in 2015 by songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Serafina Steer. The band features Emma Smith (Jarv Is, Meilyr Jones, Seamus Fogarty and founder member of the Elysian Quartet) on violin, bass and electronics, Rachel Horwood (Trash Kit, Bamboo, Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business) on drums and Charlie Stock (The Irrepressibles, Giorgio Morodar) on electric violin.

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