Pod’n’Play: 09.07.22 – HG20 SPECIAL

On Saturday 9th July 2022 Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye Show broadcast it’s historic, first live programme since March 2020 from Resonance FM’s new HQ located in London, SE1.


Chris Tipton from Upset The Rhythm joined deXter Bentley to discuss their collaborative venture HG20, a three day live music spectacular celebrating 20 years of The Hello GoodBye Show & Resonance FM.


This programme included Hello GoodBye live session archive recordings from all the artists appearing at HG20: Lilith Ai, Meatraffle, Wreckless Eric, Dee Byrne + Cath Roberts, Sexton Ming (The Mindreaders), The Monochrome Set, Bas Jan, Gina Birch (The Raincoats) + Kate Stables (This Is The Kit).

HG20 ticket info:

*All profits from these concerts will go towards helping to finance Resonance FM, London’s first not-for-profit, dedicated Arts radio station.


Lilith Ai – Shanks Pony (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 22.02.20)


Meatraffle – No Books (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 18.11.18)


Wreckless Eric – Same (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 13.12.03)


Lilith Ai – Teenage Brain

Meatraffle – Abstinence Blues

Wreckless Eric – Dead End

DeeCath (Dee Byrne + Cath Roberts) – Shorter Than Anticipated (extract) (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 21.12.19)


Sexton Ming – The Lucy Gang Take On The Hells Angels (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 22.05.10)


The Monochrome Set – Forever Young (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 19.02.11)


Dee Byrne + Cath Roberts – Bridging (extract)

The Mindreaders – Take You Slow


The Monochrome Set – Hello, Save Me

Bas Jan – Walton On The Naze (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 11.06.16)


Gina Birch – We Had A Really Smashing Time (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 15.10.05)


This Is The Kit – Birchwood Beaker (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 18.04.09)


Bas Jan – You Have Bewitched Me

Gina Birch – Feminist Song (City Girl Mix)

This Is The Kit – This Is What You Did

Sound engineer: Milo Thesiger-Meacham

Compiled, edited & presented by: deXter Bentley

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