Pod’n’Play: The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show 2022

On Saturday 12th February 2022 deXter Bentley hosted his annual Resonance FM fundraising spectacular The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show, whereupon listeners purchased airtime at the rate of £10 per minute in order to hear their poetry, sound-art & music broadcast on the greatest radio station in the world.

This program also included a special feature with Adam + Elvis.


Ean Ravenscroft – Well Look

Ralph Clayton – Le Jardin

Hellvis – The King Was Born In Tupelo

SILKess Demon – Post Office

Marilyn George – I Can’t Stand It (Blossoms cover)

Adam + Elvis – Sore Image (exclusive pre-recorded live session)

Adam + Elvis – ‘interview 1’

Adam + Elvis – Don’t Wanna Dance (exclusive pre-recorded live session)

Adam + Elvis – ‘interview 2’

Marilyn George – Hatecrime

The Singing Loins – Just This Lake

The Anderson Tapes – Outta The House

Violet Nox (ft. Noell Dorsey) – Selene

The New Cow – Sirens

The Barnsley Townes Van Coking Plant – There’s Still Hope

Ilia & Laura Rogatchevski – Thames x St Pauls’s Bells x Singing Bridge

Liapod – Nearly Waves

Adam + Elvis – Currency (exclusive pre-recorded live session)

Adam + Elvis – ‘interview 3’

Asam + Elvis – The Landlord (exclusive pre-recorded live session)

Adam + Elvis – ‘interview 4’

Chips for the Poor & Supreme Vagabond Craftsman – Klang Klang Klang

Lee’s Radio Friend – Bass Comes First

The Arthur Clark Collective – Now We’re Back


Compiled, edited & presented by: deXter Bentley

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