Podcast + playlist: Hello GoodBye – 16.05.15 – Ft: Dead Rat Orchestra + Dirty Viv

Dead Rat Orchestra
Dirty Viv
Dead Rat Orchestra
and Dirty Viv perform live in session.

Spanner Jazz Punks – Bemsha Swing
Dead Rat Orchestra – Tyburn Tree (LIVE SESSION)
Dead Rat Orchestra – A South Sea Ballad (LIVE SESSION)
Dead Rat Orchestra – Bing Out Bien Morts (LIVE SESSION)
Dead Rat Orchestra – ‘interview’ (LIVE SESSION)
Xaos – Pontos Blues
Wildflowers – Don’t Go Calling It Love
London Afrobeat Collective – Prime Minister
Fuzz Orchestra – Il Paese Incantato (The Enchanted Country)
Harry Macintosh Project – Mouldy Water
Red Solar – The Tomb
Dirty Viv – Chromozome (LIVE SESSION)
Dirty Viv – Good Looking (LIVE SESSION)
Dirty Viv – Shame (LIVE SESSION)
Dirty Viv – Teddington Tea (LIVE SESSION)
Dirty Viv – Chain Saw (LIVE SESSION)
Debbie Leggo – Love Travels On A Tightrope
Dirty Viv – ‘interview’

Presented by: deXter Bentley
Live sound engineers: Liza Geurts + Ilia Rogatchevski

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