*LIVE RADIO ON FILM* – 16.05.15 – Ft: Dead Rat Orchestra

Folk trio Dead Rat Orchestra perform a collection of historical songs from their current project, “Tyburnia” – a collaboration with documentary-maker James Holcombe which explores the “the radical history of 600 years of public execution”.

Recorded live in session on the Dexter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show, Resonance104.4fm on Saturday 16th May 2015.

00:27 – Tyburn Tree
03:53 – South Sea Ballad
07:26 – Bing Out, Bien Morts

Filmed & edited by Jamie Kennett.

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1 Response to *LIVE RADIO ON FILM* – 16.05.15 – Ft: Dead Rat Orchestra

  1. Rose McDowall says:

    cool show


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