Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 08.11.14 – Ft: Flemmings, Emma Tricca + Anguish Sandwich

Emma Tricca
Anguish Sandwich

The Hello Goodbye Show with live music on Resonance FM from Pan-European, South London racket makers Flemmings, Northampton based indie-rock, noise-niks Anguish Sandwich plus, guitar picking, Italian born folk singer Emma Tricca.

Listen again: HERE

Flemmings – Wizards (LIVE SESSION)
Flemmings – So (LIVE SESSION)
Flemmings – Fake Identity (LIVE SESSION)
Flemmings – I’m Afraid I’m A Jerk (LIVE SESSION)
Flemmings – Real Good Fun (LIVE SESSION)
Flemmings – Public School (LIVE SESSION)
Flemmings – Something Gross (LIVE SESSION)
Flemmings – ‘interview’
Roshi feat. Pars Radio – Oosh Badaam Ber Goz
Emma Tricca – Sunday Revery (LIVE SESSION)
Emma Tricca – All The Pretty Flowers (LIVE SESSION)
Emma Tricca – Coffee Time (LIVE SESSION)
Emma Tricca – Golden Chimes (LIVE SESSION)
Emma Tricca – Drunken Conclusions (LIVE SESSION)
Segeant Buzfuz – Gold Feelings
Vic Godard and the Subway Sect – Born To Be A Rebel
Houserockers – Bye Bye Baby
Oh! Gunquit – Caves
Emma Tricca – ‘interview’
Anguish Sandwich – Of Your Heart (LIVE SESSION)
Anguish Sandwich – Carol (LIVE SESSION)
Anguish Sandwich – Levity (LIVE SESSION)
Anguish Sandwich – ‘untitled new song’ (LIVE SESSION)
Anguish Sandwich – ‘interview’

Presented by: deXter Bentley + Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Lisa Geurts + Beth Rogers (assisted by Jamie Kennett)

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