Hello GoodBye info – 08.11.14 – Ft: Emma Tricca + Anguish Sandwich + Flemmings

A brace of trios and an acoustic duo!

Beyond-Folk, guitar picking songstress extraordinaire Emma Tricca
Emma Tricca
Italian-born, London-based singer-songwriter Emma Tricca has had her life shaped by two key encounters with folk legends. While still only an apprentice songwriter just out of school she met John Renbourn when he played a solo show in Rome. After the gig Emma got the opportunity to play John one of her own songs ā€“ his approval gave her the confidence to start writing and gigging properly and they remain firm friends. Very shortly after her first encounter with John, Emma met Odetta, the mysterious and legendary singer who’d turned Bob Dylan onto acoustic music in the late ā€˜50s.

Pan-European, South London racket makers Flemmings
Flemmings are an excitable pan-european three piece spawned in Brockley in April 2014. They like Husker Du, putting themselves on and pagan symbols in local parks. Kind people sometimes say that they are agreeable live, that they sound a bit loud, and wear their influences on their sleeve. They recorded the first six songs they wrote over the summer and made a tape and a tee shirt and took them on their first tour in October, which confirmed that they don’t hate each other in confined spaces. What’s next for Flemmings? An extended repeat of the above.

Northampton based indie-rock, noise-niks Anguish Sandwich.
Anguish Sandwich
Northampton flavoured melodramatic popular song, courtesy of Indie rock 3 piece (two boys/men and one girl/woman) Anguish Sandwich.

Listen live via Resonance FM between midday and 1.30pm (GMT).

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