Hello GoodBye – 21.12.13 – * MIDWINTER SOLSTICE SPECIAL * Curated by The Pheromoans Ft: Mad Headed Octogram

The Pheromoans Solstice Special

Midwinter Solstice and what better way to brighten up the shortest day of the year than to have art-garage-pop troupe The Pheromoans curate the last Hello GoodBye for 2013.

Featuring live music from Mad Headed Octogram plus Christian Butler-Zanetti and Russel Walker read extracts from their co-pugilist-publication Bruises and Pixie Boots / Tepid Business Zulu

Expect all or none of Druids, soft smut, synapse melting hi-jinx and/or bear-bating feel-good inadequacy !

Tune in Central London on 104.4 FM on the wireless or on-line anywhere in the world via: Resonance FM

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