Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 14.12.13 – Ft: Cauldronated, Fat White Family + Tony Fletcher

Fat White Family

Live music on Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye from former Adam And The Antz / Bow Wow Wow drummer Dave Barbe, with his new Techno-Poetic-Punk duo Cauldronated plus current press darlings, the taboo trashing, Louche-Lounge-Punksters Fat White Family.
Author Tony Fletcher also discusses his memoir Boy About Town, an account of his teenage years, growing up in South London in the 1970′s.

Listen again: HERE

Cauldronated – iBossa (LIVE SESSION)
Cauldronated – Raymond Zane (LIVE SESSION)
Cauldronated – Radix Malorum (LIVE SESSION)
Mucky Sailor – Drunken Dancer
Cauldronated – ‘Interview’
The Jam – In The City (Live @ 100 Club 1977)
Tony Fletcher – ‘Interview part 1’
The Fall – It’s The New Thing
Tony Fletcher – ‘Interview part 2’
The Homosexuals – Soft South Africans (guitar mix)
Tony Fletcher – ‘Interview part 3’
The Wharves – Motif
The Wave Pictures – Spaghetti (Live @ Jazz Cafe 2013)
Sons Of Harry Lauder – Skinny White Boys
Fat White Family – Cream Of The Young (LIVE SESSION)
The Large Veiny Members – Dancing Ants
Fat White Family – Without Consent (LIVE SESSION)
Fat White Family – Raining In Your Mouth (LIVE SESSION)
Fat White Family – Garden Of The Numb (LIVE SESSION)

Presenters: deXter Bentley + Dan Frost
Live sound engineer: Tom Kemp assisted by Lisa Geurts and Beth Rogers

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