Hello GoodBye – 18.05.13 – Ft: Wildflowers + Trond K and the Serious Issues

Wildflowers Siddy and Kit
Live music on Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye this Saturday lunchtime from the barnstorming Bristolian belles the Bennett sisters’ new band Wildflowers, plus Gothic Noir-wegian Folk from Trond K & the Serious Issues.

Wildflowers began in April 2012, put together by former Bristol and now Brighton based lead singer and chief songwriter 21 year old Siddy Bennett. Suitably labeled in an early review as “Punk Dolly Parton”, Siddy’s style is freewheeling, strong, and and with lots to say on many subjects, and you can hear the influence of Siddy’s tastes from White Stripes to Patsy Cline in the Wildflowers gutsy sound. Their debut EP “Wild Among The Flowers” is released in June but will be on sale exclusively at their Dot-to-Dot dates and on their UK “Wild Among The Flowers” Tour in May.

Wildflowers include Siddy’s sister Kit on backing vocals, accordion and Hammond Organ, and James Ashbury, Siddy’s long term co-writer, guitarist and mandolin player. Growing up in several towns of the West Country and also France, Siddy and Kit were raised as nomads, always on the move, living on boats, farms, in caravans and often on protest camps – the Bennett sisters have been strongly influenced both musically and morally by their bohemian upbringing, and this is apparent in the carefree, country punk sound that is Wildflowers

Trond K is a sinner / songwriter based in Bergen, Norway. He has been involved in a number of sideprojects, including MiNdFiSh, Bones Sweet Bones, Onkel Nevø, Happy Åndalsnes and more recently Adolf Ibsen. He is currently performing frequently in his home town of Ålesund, and in Bergen. Widely influenced by the 70’s outlaw country scene, the english pubrock scene and the post-punk new romantics his songwriting and performances spans from the most intense and soulful acoustic numbers to the half-novelty loud and confronting rock/cabaret-songs.

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