Hello GoodBye info – Saturday 12th January 2013

Hello GoodBye begins 2013 in the same way it ended 2012… AMBITIOUSLY!

Featuring live music from Piper’s Son and Art Trip & the Static Sound.

Plus, author M.R. Dowsing reads an extract from his debut fictional novel; The Assasination of Adolf Hitler.

Piper’s Son is the brainchild of Thom Driver who has been making music for over 10 years, moving fluidly from one guise to another. A multi-instrumental member of early 2000’s art-pop outfit Norwegian Lady, he moved on to form Arthur Brick in 2005 and build the band’s esoteric rhythms from behind the drums. In between, he has collaborated with visual artists such as David Thorpe, Annika Eriksson and Peter Harris on projects that have included live and film performances, and video scores. Thom also played cello and drums with Mathew Sawyer and the Ghosts for a few years, and is now focused on solo work, under the name Piper’s Son.

Dreamt up as a reason to make something concrete of a growing pile of musical scraps, Piper’s Son began in earnest at the end of 2009 playing intense, compact songs which combine an enquiring musical sensibility with visually rich lyrics. None of the lyrics start from a single place. Instead, they fuse many viewpoints in order to create resonances that connect seemingly disparate memories and visions. The band consists of Rick Carbone on electronics and bass vocals, Thom on vocals and guitar, Peter Harris on pedal steel and guitar, Jared Fisher on drums and harmonica and recently joined by Claire Sellwood, singing.

Musically, Piper’s Son draws on a huge range of elements from the mental jukebox of a compulsive music listener – the vocal playfulness of Robert Wyatt, the compelling simplicity of Bill Callahan, the elastic space of dub, or the deep listening experience of field recordings, to name just a few.

Art Trip & the Static Sound have been playing gigs in London for nearly a year and have become increasing difficult to pin down.   Rock music for people who don’t rock, featuring improvisations for those who don’t like jamming and noise for the deaf.  The band have released a CD ‘EP1’ that has had a good few spins on Resonance FM and John Kennedy’s Xposure.  Their session for Hello Goodbye will include new tunes from the next release, the bizarrely titled ‘EP2’.  This expands on their sound palette that now includes rocking out, jamming and ferocious noise.

The Assassination Of Adolf Hitler is the debut novel by M.R. Dowsing, who has also released two albums and an EP under the name Hungry Dog Brand, hosts occasional music nights as Dogfishtrombone and currently writes for R2 (Rock’n’Reel) magazine.

Beginning in the year 2019, it tells the story of one Michael Lear, a curator at the Imperial War Museum, who travels back in time in with the aim of killing Adolf Hitler before his rise to power. Lear’s background in German history and ability to speak the language perfectly give him great advantages; however, along the way, he will find himself increasingly out of his depth and plagued by panic attacks, self-doubt, difficult moral decisions and, at times, plain bad luck…

A historical thriller with an SF twist, the novel is a well-written, entertaining and thought-provoking page-turner featuring an array of memorable characters and based on considerable historical research.

Tune in between noon and 1.30pm on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via: www.resonancefm.com

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