Hello GoodBye playlist – Saturday 21st April 2012

Listen again: HERE

Gallon Drunk – You Made Me
Jack Hayter – The Shackleton (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Hayter – The Lost Courier (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Hayter – Just As The Tide Was Flowing (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Hayter – The Seduction Of Nancy (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Hayter – I Stole The Cutty Sark (LIVE SESSION)
Blanket – Threats (HG archive)
Female Band – The Girl Who Fell In The Sea (HG archive)
Jack Hayter – ‘interview’
Olivia Chaney – Holiday (LIVE SESSION)
Olivia Chaney – Too Social (LIVE SESSION)
Gertrude – They Cut Him In Half (HG archive)
Private Trousers – Market Man (HG archive)
Pissin Boy – She’s The One
Olivia Chaney – Loose Change (LIVE SESSION)
Olivia Chaney – False Lover (LIVE SESSION)
Olivia Chaney – ‘interview’
Billy Childish & Sexton Ming – Dung Beatle Rolls Again
Sexton Ming – ‘interview’
Peter Sellers – My Old Dutch

Live sound engineer – Joe Oldfield.

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