Hello GoodBye playlist – Saturday 14th April 2012

Listen again: HERE

The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show celebrated a decade of broadcasting on Resonance 104.4 FM with an outside broadcast that took place live @ Home Front. This coincided with the opening of artist James Alec Hardy’s ‘Decadia Broadcast System’ (an exhibition of archive video footage shot behind the scenes at Hello GoodBye over the years)

Sergeant Buzfuz – Irish Pubs (live @ Tate Britain 13.10.12)
Bib – Postal Workers Song (HG archive)
Debbie Lego – TV Eyes (HG archive)
Xerox Teens – Chasing Your Tail (HG archive)
Jad Fair – I’ll Change My Style (HG archive)
Thee Intolerable Kidd – Running In A Circle Blues (HG archive)
Flame Proof Moth – Thomas Rymer (HG archive)
House of John Player – Lake Pace / Radworthy
Advert – Stephanie (HG archive)
One Unique Signal – Hey Alchemist (HG archive)
Salt & Blue – Goblin Waltz (HG archive)
Jess Cahill – Cold Blows the Wind (LIVE SESSION)
Jess Cahill – La Sansonette (LIVE SESSION)
Jess Cahill – Bushes & Briars (LIVE SESSION)
Olivia Chaney – Barbara Allen (HG archive)
Jess Cahill – ‘interview’
Shimmy Rivers & & Canal – Winking Cowboy (HG archive)
Roy & The Devil’s Motorcycle – Intro
Robin ‘The Fog’ Warren – ‘chat’
Peggy Seeger – Heading For Home (HG archive)
Smack Miranda – ? (HG archive)
Way Through – Barleycorn (LIVE SESSION)
Way Through – Helpston (LIVE SESSION)
Way Through – Ruined Acre (LIVE SESSION)
Way Through – Corina Corina (LIVE SESSION)
Way Through – Visiting Mercia (LIVE SESSION)
Way Through – Ower (LIVE SESSION)
Way Through – Henry My Son (LIVE SESSION)
Jesus Licks – Tarzan (HG archive)
Wet Dog – Steal A Car (HG archive)

Live sound engineers: Kacper Zienianin, Leanne Bower & Joe Oldfield
Resonance FM HQ engineer: Tom Kemp

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