Hello GoodBye info – Saturday 19th November 2011

Performing live in session under this autumnal noonday sun are the London based duo Horse Brothers and the Norwegian outlaw outfit Trond K & the Serious Issues

The Horse Brothers kick up a little dust as they stampede over the airwaves of the Capital with their thunderous tethering of Punk & Blues. A throbbing, pulsating, rhythmic morass of influences spring to mind, from Howlin’ Wolf via Golden Earring and all the way to the abstract rantings of Mark E. Smith. Vocalist & guitarist Daniel Stewart is aided and abetted in his quest by the gloriously familiar thud of ace sticks-man Dave Barbe (aka Dave Barbarossa, formerly the drummer with Adam & the Antz on the classic Dirk Wears White Sox LP, and of course the 1980’s Burundi-pop pacesetters Bow Wow Wow)

Trond K is a sinner / songwriter based in Bergen, Norway. He has been involved in a number of sideprojects, including MiNdFiSh, Bones Sweet Bones, Onkel Nevø, Happy Åndalsnes and more recently Adolf Ibsen. He is currently performing frequently in his home town of Ålesund, and in Bergen. Widely influenced by the 70’s outlaw country scene, the english pubrock scene and the post-punk new romantics his songwriting and performances spans from the most intense and soulful acoustic numbers to the half-novelty loud and confronting rock/cabaret-songs.

Tune in between noon and 1.30pm on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via: www.resonancefm.com

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