Hello GoodBye Show info – Saturday 12th November 2011

As usual we have an exciting show planned this weekend; with live music on offer from the Joe Meek produced, 60’s chart-toppers The Honeycombs, plus the original Punk poet Patrik Fitzgerald and as if that wasn’t already mouthwatering enough, we also have a pre-recorded interview and live concert recording from the West Coast psychedelic duo Date Palms.
The Honeycombs’ 1964 debut single Have I The Right? was one of just three singles to be produced by Joe Meek in his flat-cum-studio on Holloway Road which hit the UK number 1 spot (the others being John Layton’s Johnny Remember me and Telstar by the Tornados). Today on the show, a new line-up put together by founding member, guitarist Martin Murray, will play live in session. Expect reminiscences of Joe and his legendary studio by the first Hello GoodBye Show guests to be genuine chart-toppers. 
Acoustic punk troubadour fondly remembered for songs such as “Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart” and “Backstreet Boys”, independent releases which led to a short-lived deal with Polydor in 1979. His early records were short, sharp and sarcastic slices of life bashed out on a battered guitar and for an artist who never sold huge numbers of records, the extent of Patrik’s influence is remarkable – recent years have seen the completion of both a feature-length documentary film and a tribute album. He also has a new album in the pipeline entitled Subliminal Alienation to be released next year. 

Based in California, Date Palms is a project of classically educated avant-garde musicians Gregg Kowalski and Marielle Jakobsons. Their latest LP Honey Devash on Mexican Summer records, is comprised of two, side long compositions, which take influences from classical Indian music, psychedelia, spaced out jazz, Krautrock and their California home. The lush, ambient soundscapes are fashioned from a wide array wires and boxes, which recalls the method of those founding fathers of electro the Silver Apples. Today we broadcast a recording from their concert this week at Cafe Oto. 

Tune in between noon and 1.30pm on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via: www.resonancefm.com


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1 Response to Hello GoodBye Show info – Saturday 12th November 2011

  1. Olli says:

    Hi guys, great fun on the show today. I am looking forward to hearing how it sounded in radioland.
    Thanks to everybody involved engineers, presenters tea and coffe makers (same people I know) for a very pleasant experience.
    The Honeycombs


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