Hello GoodBye Show Info – Saturday 22nd January 2011

Tune in between noon and 1.30pm on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via: www.resonancefm.com

Performing live in session on HG this afternoon we have Hamilton Yarns plus Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou.

Hamilton Yarns peddle their romantic disillusionment with the aid of stark acoustic guitar, wheezy hand pumped harmonium, the persistent ticking of a metronome and an oddball transient mix of voices.  Whilst their lyrics are rueful and hesitant, their music glimmers with a playful exuberance. Tumbling cornet lines, the drunken foggy dischord of a church organ, perky upright piano melodies, and percussive slaps and clicks all meld together creating an episodic pipe dream, disorientating but familiar. Their new LP ‘Hello Sparkle’ (Hark Records) is available now.

Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou return once again to the show to beguile us with their own distinct take on the 21st Century Folk idiom. Trevor & Hannah are a husband & wife duo who pick up the marital gauntlet thrown down before them by such folk luminaries as Richard & Linda Thompson / Peggy Seeger & Ewan MaColl. Recently signed to Heavenly Records they can currently be found touring the Tin Tabernacles of the UK.

Also, tune-in to hear the first episode of “Your Voice Travels” by Duncan McAfee. This five part mini-series explores the personal relationship with the human voice through a series of semi-autobiographical poetic vignettes laced together with original music and audio artworks.

…and last but by no means least! We have the first of a two part interview with The Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel Folk Show (who are currently undergoing a tour of the UK) conducted by the poetmusician Jack Underwood.
NB* Part two of the Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel interview will be aired on HG next Saturday 29th January.

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