Hello GoodBye Show Playlist – Saturday 15th January 2011

Saturday 15th January 2011

Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard – Whistle past the graveyard
Tanya Auclair – Tight little fingers (LIVE SESSION)
Tanya Auclair – Thrum (LIVE SESSION)
Tanya Auclair – Closer (LIVE SESSION)
Alice Gun – Metal spider
Sergeant Buzfuz – Knock knock knock
Dear Puppeteer – Out-take 1
Ferris Blood (Depressing Comics & Dear Puppeteer creator) LIVE telephone interview
Dear Puppeteer – Out-take 2
Hamilton Yarns – Maybe baby
Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Allotment song
Hungry Dog Brand – Allotment plot 13
Smoke Fairies – Erie Lackawanna (LIVE SESSION)
Smoke Fairies – Devil in my mind (LIVE SESSION)
Smoke Fairies – Summer fades (LIVE SESSION)
Smoke Fairies – Hotel room (LIVE SESSION)

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