deXter Bentley presents… Cover Diversions: 29.10.22

deXter Bentley presents the latest instalment in his Cover Diversions series on W.N.B.C. Radio.

Originally broadcast live from The Book & Record Bar in West Norwood, South East London on Saturday 29th October 2022.

Cover Diversions finds me rifling through the copious record racks in The Book & Record Bar, choosing records based entirely on the merits of the album artwork (it must be a record I don’t already know), I then select the song with the most intriguing track title and we’re off…



Sugar Minot – Give The People

Culture – Stop This Fussing And Fighting

Burning Spear – People Of The World

The Scorpio – Poisonous Sting


Rush – Twilight Zone

John Lennon – Woman Is The Nigger Of The World

Joan Jett – Jezebel

Lou Reed – Don’t Hurt A Woman


Flo & Eddy – Another Pop Star’s Life

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown – Prelude / Nightmare

The Mothers Of Invention – Holiday In Berlin, Full-Blown

MC5 – Sister Anne


Magma – Hortz für den Stehken West

Cathargo – Oberbaum Bridge

Made In Sweden – We Must Be Crucified


Dorsey Burnett – Great Shakin’ Fever

Chuck Berry – Hello Little Girl Goodbye

The Everly Brothers – Temptation

Johnny Ace – The Clock


Modern Jazz Quartet – Django

Woody Herman – Keep On Keepin’ On

Chico Hamilton Quintet – Sleepy Slept Here

Stan Getz – Succuba 


James Carr – The Dark End Of The Street

The Miracles – The Wah-Watusi

Katie Webster – My Sexy Red Negligee

Edwin Birdsong – Possessed (Take The Evil Spirits Away)


John Lee Hooker – Kick Hit 4 Hit Kicks U

Jimmy McCracklin  – The Walk

Arbee Stidham, Jazz Gillum & Memphis Slim – You’ve Got To Reap Just What You Sow

Broken Glass – It’s evil


Dali’s Car – His Box

Dinosaur Jnr. – Pebbles & Weeds

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