Pod’n’Play: 22.10.22 – ft. Sonic Eyes w. Alice Carmen

On Saturday 22nd October 2022 Sonic Eyes with Alice Carmen performed live in session on The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show on Resonance 104.4 FM.


The Clash – Something About England


TV Smith – Bring The Bull Down (HG live session archive recording – 12.11.05)

TV Smith – The Ghost Of Westminster (HG live session archive recording – 12.11.05)

TV Smith – Perhaps The Good Times Are Back (HG live session archive recording – 12.11.05)


Peter Harris – If You Were Insane

Patrick Lyons – The Beat Of The Truth


Nightrax – Ghost Of Our Lives


Manu Louis – Playback


Sonic Eyes – Stone Armies (LIVE SESSION)

Sonic Eyes – Holland Chocolates (LIVE SESSION)

Sonic Eyes – At The End Of The World Everyone Is Religious (LIVE SESSION)

Sonic Eyes – Graphite Sweepers (LIVE SESSION)

Sonic Eyes – See Ya Later Alligator (LIVE SESSION)


Nick Carlisle – Hexenwahn


Agent Starling – Hellebore


Anarchistwood – Bastard Ozymandias Laughs


Live sound engineering: Julian Sander, Nick Cron, Travis Yu + Milo Thesiger-Meacham.

Compiled and presented by deXter Bentley. https://linktr.ee/hellogoodbyeshow

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