Pod’n’Play: 02.07.22 – ft. Lianne Hall + Marine Store Dealer

On Saturday 2nd July Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye Show included two special features, with; Lianne Hall + Marine Store Dealer



Office For Personal Development – Do It All Over Again


Marine Store Dealer – ‘interview 1’

Marine Store Dealer – Water

Marine Store Dealer – ‘interview 2’

Marine Store Dealer – Watching You

Marine Store Dealer – ‘interview 3’

Marine Store Dealer – Thousands

Marine Store Dealer – ‘interview 4’

Marine Store Dealer – Somewhere In My Heart (Aztec Camera cover version)

Marine Store Dealer – ‘interview 5’

Marine Store Dealer – Bees


Shahbaz Hussain & Helen Anahita Wilson – Merkaba Lá


Lianne Hall – ‘interview 1’

Lianne Hall – They Wanna Fight We Wanna Dance

Lianne Hall – ‘interview 2’

Lianne Hall – The Sky and It’s Summer

Lianne Hall – ‘interview 3’

Lianne Hall – Energy Flashback

Lianne Hall – ‘interview 4’

Lianne Hall – Hazard Lights

Lianne Hall – ‘interview 5’

Lianne Hall – You Dancing

Lianne Hall – ‘interview 6’

Witchknot – Witchknot

Lianne Hall – ‘interview 7’

Lavender Hex – Billionaire



Joey Beltram – Energy Flash


Compiled, edited & presented by: deXter Bentley

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