Pod’n’Play: 25.12.21 – ft. Yuletide Rewind 2021

On Saturday 25th December, Xmas Day 2021, Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye Show aired Yuletide Rewind.


The concept for Yuletide Rewind;

1/ During the year of 2021, I created 45 pre-recorded Hello GoodBye Shows.

2/ I divided Yuletide Rewind’s program duration (90 minutes) by 45, which allowed me to allot a full two minute section from each said show.

3/ I then proceeded to take the first two minutes from the first show (broadcast on the 16th January 2021), followed by the third and fourth minutes from the second show and the fifth and sixth minutes from the third show and so on and so on.

The end result provides us with a sonic core sample, consisting of forty five, two minute bitesize audio chunks!

Expect to hear all these and more…

Dom Mason
Rozi Plain
The New Cow
Vile Brain Samples
J.C. Grimshaw
The Quilks
Anthony Sylvester
Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic
Bas Jan
Ana Da Silva
Yama Warashi
Jon Campbell
Johnny Richards
Agent Starling
Eric Random
The Resonance Association
Deemer +1
Soccer 96 (w. Nuha Ruby Ra)
Nuha Ruby Ra
Peggy Seeger
Rupert Lally
Marcus Jade
Nun Habit
Haiku Salut
The Fabulists
Morgan Fisher
Dee Byrne
Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business
Plastic Age
Tsinder Ash
Seth Faergolzia
Buffet Lunch
Taman Shud
Bertie Marshall
Wendy Rae Fowler
The Volunteered
RKB Vitesse
3 Electro Knights
Siv Disa
Viva Sherry
Dog Chocolate

Complied, edited & presented by: deXter Bentley

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