Pod’n’Play: 11.09.21 – ft. Dee Byrne

The first Hello GoodBye Show of the autumn season featured an interview with avant-garde jazz saxophonist, composer, improviser, promotor and record label co-founder Dee Byrne. Plus lots of new music.


Creeping Hot Hands – Groozegranger (One Minute Wonders)

Dee Byrne – Improvisation (One Minute Wonder)

Dee Byrne – ‘interview 1’

Kuster Ferrari Byrne – Motherboard Pinball

Dee Byrne – ‘interview 2’

Kuster Ferrari Byrne – Silicon Intersection

Dee Byrne – ‘interview 3’

Kuster Ferrari Byrne – Requiem For A Red Dwarf

Dee Byrne – ‘interview 4’

Deemer +1 – Ghost Train

Bas Jan – You Have Bewitched Me

Vanessa Anne-Redd – Won’t Be Long

Bobby August – I Understand The Need For Words

Catherine Graindorge – Eno

Justin Paton – Triggered Acid

Outlines – Don’t Mess With Me (Live @ Vortex Jazz London – 02.09.21)

Dee Byrne – ‘interview 5’

Outlines – The Dance (Live @ Vortex Jazz London – 02.09.21)

Dee Byrne – ‘interview 6’

Outlines – We Are Experiencing Turbulence (Live @ Vortex Jazz London – 02.09.21)

Bat Bike – Drag & Drop (Trashmouth Remix)

Compiled, edited & presented by deXter Bentley

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