Pod’n’Play: 20.02.21 – The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show 2021 (Part 3) ft. Snowpoet

Snowpoet were special guests today Saturday 20th February on deXter Bentley’s Resonance FM fundraiser ThePay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show (Part 3).

Listeners had their music broadcast on 104.4 FM by purchasing airtime for £10 per minute with all proceeds going towards allowing this fabulous resource to thrive and prosper well into the future!

Snowpoet combine melodic movements with poetic musings in an emotionally charged and seductive soundscape. Their new LP Wait For Me is out now on Edition Records.


The Barnsley Townes Van Coking Plant – Keep Holding On.

The Quilks – Dog On Wheels (Belle & Sebastian cover version)

The Quilks – A Picture Of Dorian Gray (Television Personalities cover version)

Anthony Silvester – Every Year I Forget To Give Richard My Resonance Fundraiser Bit Of Music Early, But Every Year I Remember I’m A Year Closer To Death

Creeping Hot Hands – Mungs

Howlround – ‘untitled’

Bettina Schroeder & Jude Cowan Montague – The Second Hand

Marek Neumann – Pomidorki

Snowpoet – ‘interview 1’

Snowpoet – Roots

Snowpoet – ‘interview 2’

Snowpoet – Early Feelings

Snowpoet – ‘interview 3’

Snowpoet – Facetime

Snowpoet – ‘interview 4’

Michael Garrad – Jellybean

The Happy Couple – Mirror On The Marshes

Lost Chimes – Island

Beach Bullies – The Things I Left Behind

Dirty Viv – If Only I Had What You Wanted

Dirty Viv – Sorry

Dirty Viv – Space Cadet

Dirty Viv – White Cell

Victor & The New Vintage – Hold Me Back

Compiled, edited & presented by: deXter Bentley



Fragile Star



Robyn A1200

Marilyn Joy

Scramble Porn Surprise

Beckton Alps2

Chips For The Poor

Group Zero

The Groovy Arts Club Band

Patrick Wray

The Pouring Rain

Motto Motto Records


The Arthur Clark Collective


Eugene Coyne


The Anderson Tapes

Dominique Golden

Vile Brain Samples

The New Cow

Bettina Schroeder

Jude Cowan Montague


Baby Man

The Dogmatic Ways Of Announcement

Blang Records

The Nettelles

Steve Rushton

J.C. Grimshaw

Honey Hahs

The Fragile States

Anthony Silvester


Creeping Hot Hands

The Barnsley Townes Van Coking Plant

Marek Neumann

Orchestra Of Cardboard

Vacilando ‘68 Records

The Happy Couple

Michael Garrad

Lost Chimes

The Quilks

Dirty Viv

The Beach Bullies



Sadie Ann Jemmett

…and apologies if I have accidentally missed anyone out?

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