Pod’n’Play: The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show (Part 2): 13.02.21 – ft. Disquiet, Black Country

On Saturday 13th February 2021 deXter Bentley presented Part 2 of his annual Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show Resonance FM fundraising extravaganza, plus a special feature on political punk pop Midlands duo Disquiet, Black Country.


Vile Brain Samples – Vile Brain Sampler

The New Cow – Land Of The Free

J.C. Grimshaw – Farewell Nancy Gordon

Orchestra Of Cardboard (ft. Jolie Holland) – An English Garden

Sintakon – Muevete 

Bettina Schroeder + Jude Cowan-Montague – Versus

Babyman – Happy Blah Blah Day

Disquiet, Black Country – Interview 1

Disquiet, Black Country – The Million Swords Of The Victims Of Austerity (Exclusive Session For Hello GoodBye)

Disquiet, Black Country – Interview 2

Disquiet, Black Country – Recount (Exclusive Session For Hello GoodBye)

Disquiet, Black Country – Interview 3

Disquiet, Black Country – Sing Me A Happy Song (Exclusive Session For Hello GoodBye)

Disquiet, Black Country – Interview 4

Disquiet, Black Country – SMF (Exclusive Session For Hello GoodBye)

The Dogmatic Ways Of Announcement – Audrey

Seth Faergolzia – High Driver

Sergeant Buzfuz – There’s Idiots, Then Theres Idiots With Money

The Awkward Silences – There’s Nothing More Obnoxious Than A Self Made Man

The Nettelles – Give Me Back My Shoes

Honey Hahs – Star Woman

The Fragile States – Be Wise

Sadie Jemmett – The Wilder Shores Of Love (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 26.06.19)

Compiled, edited & presented by deXter Bentley

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