Pod’n’Play: The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show 2021 (Part 1): ft. John Pope Quintet

On Saturday 6th February 2021 deXter Bentley presented part 1 of his annual Resonance FM fundraising spectacular The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show. Listeners had their music broadcast by purchasing airtime at only £10 per minute.


Plus, a special feature with modern jazz ensemble John Pope Quintet upon the release of the new LP Mixed With Glass (New Jazz & Improvised Music Recordings).


Fragile Star – Seymourville 

Ba2ta – I Won’t Call You Anymore

Dusthillresident & Robyn A1200 – The theme of Joonas Gabrielainen

Marilyn Joy – (Your Kiss Is On My) Bucket List

Marilyn Joy – Superfine

Marilyn Joy – Faye (Makes Her Debut)

Scramble Porn Surprise – Herman With A Hammer

Beckton Alps2 + Chips for the Poor – Oslo Torpfighter

Group Zero – Playtime

The Groovy Arts Club Band – Red House Revolution

John Pope – ‘interview 1’

John Pope Quintet – Mixed With Glass

John Pope – ‘interview 2’

John Pope Quintet – Misha A. Miner

Patrick Wray – Make Art

Patrick Wray – Spirits in Asia

Patrick Wray – Learning to Swim

Patrick Wray – Rock n Roll Toothbrush

Patrick Wray – Jesus (Back in My Life)

Patrick Wray – Return to Childhood

Patrick Wray – Oh Blimey! (It’s Rachel Riley)

Patrick Wray – Everyone’s Gone to the Pub

Patrick Wray – There Goes Rover

The Pouring Rain – Void

Mooz – Decision

The Arthur Clark Collective – Don’t Fight The Night

Bromide – Ancient Rome

The Anderson Tapes – Sirens

Eugene Coyne – A Tree Fell On Me

Dominique Golden – Business Of The Night

Mindreaders – I’m Alright Jack

Compiled, edited & presented by deXter Bentley

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