HG info: Best of 2020 Show

Please tune-in to Resonance 104.4 FM between midday and 1.30pm this coming Saturday 26th December to hear my Best of 2020 Show (repeated 8pm-10pm Monday 28th December).

When compiling my Best of 2020, I decided to adhere to the regular 90-minute duration of The Hello GoodBye Show. 

I counted the number of programs broadcast this year, which came to 40 in total. 

I divided 90 by 40, which gave me the figure of 2.2.

I thereby proceeded to record the first two minutes and twenty seconds of audio from the first show (0:00-2:20), followed by the next two minutes and twenty seconds of audio from the second show (2:20-4:40) and so on and so on, until an entire 90-minute program was fully assembled. 

The result offers a truly random snapshot of layers of sound deposited through time. 

Expect a series of snippets including; Parlour, Unit, Tsinder Ash, Sebastian Melmoth, Lilith Ai, Dusty Miller, RKB Vitesse, Marilyn Joy, Lou Barnell, Sergeant Buzfuz, Theo Sayers, Sad Wolf, Shattercones, BAG, Rainbow Skull, Office For Personal Development, Phoebe Coco, Jude Cowan Montague, TV Room, Tom O.C. Wilson, Dirty Viv, The Barnsley Townes Van Coking Plant, Lewsberg, Gardyloo Spew, James Alec Hardy, Secondary Comprehensive, Sabatta, Bad Brains, Paper Birch, Bab’l Bluz, The Fish Police, Raf and O, AK/DK, Big Joanie, Kokoroko, Gagarin, Mermaid Chunky, Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business, The Awkward Silences, Matt Harding & Art Terry.

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