Pod’n’Play: 03.10.20


Girls In Synthesis – Set Up To Fail

Rude Mechanicals – Deleted From The Database (HG archive – 19.10.13)

Rude Mechanicals – Wednesday’s Child (HG archive – 19.10.13)

Rude Mechanicals – Part Man Part Peacock (HG archive – 19.10.13)

Rude Mechanicals – Sin Eater (HG archive – 19.10.13)

Rude Mechanicals – Monster (HG archive – 19.10.13)

Grocer Jack’s Heart Attack – Part 2 (by Sexton Ming & Jason Williams)

Mark Sampson – The Grenfell Tower

Lunatraktors – Unquiet Grave

Crumpsall Riddle – Terra Unknown

A Paranoid King – The Strife Aquatic

This Is The Kit – Coming To Get You Nowhere

That Will Be Lunch – Play That Funky Music

R.AGGS – Exuberance

The Green Child – Health Farm

Lean Logic – Man Made

Raf & O – You Made Me (HG archive – 24.05.14)

Raf & O – Saturated Dreams (HG archive – 24.05.14)

Raf & O – Lady Grinning Soul (David Bowie cover version) (HG archive – 24.05.14)

Raf & O – The Fog (HG archive – 24.05.14)

Marine Store Dealer – Watching You

Compiled, presented & edited by deXter Bentley

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