Pod’n’Play: 05.09.20 – One Minute Wonders 2020: The Director’s Cut

110 artists in 120 minutes!
Toxic Chicken, Butsenzeller, Syren, Sophie Pathan, Kevin Burrows, Alex Botten, Helen McCookerybook ,Tristan Burfield, Jake Burgess, Emma Roper-Evans,Mark Saberton, Chips For The Poor & Suprmeme Vagabond Craftsman, James A. Smith, Bettina Schroeder, Probably Robert, Marilyn George, Y’Mum, Lumpen Nobleman, The Silver Tears, Shadows Of Stephen, Niki Matita, Cowboy Flying Saucer, Caroline Mawer, Moon Drive 71, Discount Gnostic, Sad Man, Leonheart, Simon Kunath, Azalia Snail, Montague Armstrong, Chris Tanzi, Kelly The, Jay Nemor, Dan West, Habbit, The Hello GoodBand, Gharana, Eki Shola, Charlie Darling, Daniel B. Truen, All Open Electrics, Dendy Tech Support, Albaluna, Madame So, David G.A. Stephenson And Mike Gosling, Wonder Boy Preacher, Joshua Bluegreen Cripps, Notious, Dirty Viv, Trappist Afterland, Jessica Irvine, Stanley Bad, UNIT, Laura Budzeleks, Hank Osasuna, Rosita Piritore
Lester Square, Ray Kosmiche, Simon Bromide, The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers, Sally Child, Studio Clown Knowm Workshop, Lucinda Sieger, Dara Yara, Lenkadu, Caroline Trettine, Lou Witham, Debra Watson, Eugene Coyne, Pandoras Diary, Mish Rah, The Old Matkins, Liz Bentley, Gagarin, Tigersonic, Manu Louis, Gerry Mitchell, Keshco, Drunk Generation, Xqui, Susanna Ferrar, Sairie, Birikiti Pegram, Dee Byrne, Our Carbone, Maryam Hashemi, Ellen Southern, Marion Michell, Francesca Ter-Berg, Rich Nuvo, Lee Berwick, Ellis Berwick, DeLila Black, Joe Wilkes, Alice Karveli, Cockney Street Triage Team Band, Sons Of Mu, Ean Ravenscroft, The Unkown Composer, Fragile Star, Martin Lau, Louise O’Connor, Lana Furchick, James Alec Hardy, Ric Clark, Barnsley Townes Van Coking Plant, Gardyloo Spew, James Alec Hardy, Joss Cope, Flame Proof Moth and Art Terry.

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