Pod’n’Play: 27.06.20 – ft. Emma Tricca + Mesut Gürsoy

Emma Tricca and Mesut Gürsoy featured on The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show on Resonance 104.4 FM on Saturday 27th June 2020.


Judy Collins & The Global Virtual Choir – Amazing Grace

Emma Tricca – ‘interview 1’

Emma Tricca w. Judy Collins – Solomon Said

Emma Tricca – ‘interview 2’

Emma Tricca – Good Morning Diner

Emma Tricca – ‘interview 3’

Emma Tricca – The Servant’s Room

Michael J. Sheehy – Tread Gently, Leave No Scar

Marcus Jade – West Wind

Azalia Snail – Highway Devices (HG live session archive – 10.11.18)

No Home – Secondary Actor

Beady Man – AmeriKKKa

Sabatta – Cops Watch Cop Shows Too

Bad Brains – Suck Sess

Mesut Gürsoy – ‘interview 1’

Mesut Gürsoy – Scorpion

Mesut Gürsoy – ‘interview 2’

Mesut Gürsoy – Final Option

Mesut Gürsoy – ‘interview 3’

Mesut Gürsoy – Way Below Ground Level

Rebecca Nash & Atlas – Inishbofin

Presented, compiled & edited by: deXter Bentley

Technical support team: Pip McKenzie & Martin Pearce

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1 Response to Pod’n’Play: 27.06.20 – ft. Emma Tricca + Mesut Gürsoy

  1. Rebecca Magnetic says:

    Great show, tuned in to hear Beady Man at the suggestion of my friend who created their video (John Clay)- what a fantastic set!


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