Pod’n’Play: 13.06.20 – ft. Extradition Order + Musicity At Home w. Nick Luscombe, Laima & Solen Fluzen

On Saturday 13th June 2020 Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye Show included features on Extradition Order and Musicity At Home with Nick Luscombe, Laima & Solen Fluzen.


Mish Rah – Fission

Musicity w. Nick Luscombe, Laima & Solen Fluzen – ‘interview 1’

Clementine March – Nunhead Cemetery

Musicity w. Nick Luscombe, Laima & Solen Fluzen – ‘interview 2’

Laima – The River Is Near

Musicity w. Nick Luscombe, Laima & Solen Fluzen – ‘interview 3’

Chihiro Ono – Tunnel

Simo Lagnawi w. Gnawa London – Dounia Lafou

Bab L’Bluz – Africa Manayo

Sergeant Buzfuz – In The Folds Of Her Robe

Serafina Steer – Auto

Lewsberg – At Lunch

Gardyloo Spew – Stickman

Euan Hartley & Friends – Selfies

Matthew Rains – Washing Up Boogie

Extradition Order – Manhatten

Extradition Order – ‘interview 1’

Extradition Order – Turn Off The Engine

Extradition Order – ‘interview 2’

Extradition Order – Smell And Taste

Extradition Order – ‘interview 3’

Extradition Order – Do I Love You?

Extradition Order – ‘interview 4’

Extradition Order – I’ve Got A Gang, I’ve Got A Club

Seraphina Simone – Cherry

Presented, compiled & edited by: deXter Bentley

Technical support: Pip McKenzie

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