Pod’n’Play: 25.04.20 – ft. Birds Of Hell + Bush Pilot

On Saturday 25th April 2020 Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye Show ran special features on bands Birds Of Hell and Bush Pilot.


Wreckless Eric – It’s a sick Sick World

Birds Of Hell – Hole In The Road

Birds Of Hell – interview 1

Birds Of Hell – Musician’s Exercise Unit (WORLD PREMIER)

Birds Of Hell – interview 2

Birds Of Hell – I’ve Really Gotten To Know My Neighbours Better (Since The Apocalypse) (WORLD PREMIER)

Nick Cron – New Slang (The Shins cover version)

Marine Store Dealer – Somewhere In My Heart (Aztec Camera cover version)

BAG – Ode To Slug

Molejoy – Mamma

Azalia Snail – Stay Put Human

Hunt Us – Raw Fire

Matt Finucane – In The Evil Empire

Sons Of Mu – Facemask

Marianne Faithful – Witches’ Song

Penniless Cove – Silence Sits Like A Boom

Bush Pilot – Telepathic Radio

Bush Pilot / Ross Holloway – interview 1

Bush Pilot – Book Of The Outlaw

Bush Pilot / Ross Holloway – interview 2

Bush Pilot – I Have The Egg

Bush Pilot / Ross Holloway – interview 3

Jesus Licks – Harr Barbie

Extradition Order – Flattening The Curve

Presented, compiled & edited by deXter Bentley

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