Pod’n’Play: 11.04.20 – ft. Amy Rigby + Foundling Kunst

On Saturday 11th April 2020 Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye Show included features with Amy Rigby and Foundling Kunst.


Shadows Of Stephen – Onda Anomale

Foundling Kunst – Restless

Foundling Kunst – ‘interview 1’

Foundling Kunst – Hospital Window

Foundling Kunst – ‘interview 2’

Foundling Kunst – Man On The Stairs

Foundling Kunst – ‘interview 3’

Foundling Kunst – Mili’s Song

Attack Of The Shits – A Love Match

Dogmatic Ways Of Announcement – Do I Repine?

David Tattersall – Six (Lockdown Boogies)

Marcus Jade – Mackaroni (Quarantine sessions 08.04.20)

Shattercones – Shattercones

Lloyd Pack (ft. Russell Walker) – I Have A Client Waiting

Phil MFu – Marooned On Mercury

Amy Rigby – Elton Girl (a short reading from ‘Girl To City: A Memoir’)

Amy Rigby – Playing Pittsburgh

Amy Rigby – ‘interview 1’

The Shams (w. Amy Rigby) – Filing Clerk Blues

Amy Rigby – ‘interview 2’

Amy Rigby – Bob

Amy Rigby – ‘interview 3’

Last Roundup (w. Amy Rigby) – At The Well

Jeffrey Lewis – Keep It Chill (In The East Vill)

Presented, compiled and edited by: deXter Bentley

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