Pod’n’Play: 15.02.20 – The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show 2020 Part 2 ft. Lucy Leave, Alex carroll + Vesu

Part 2 of deXter Bentley’s annual Resonance FM extended fundraising spectacular The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show was broadcast live between 10am and 1.30pm on Saturday 15TH February 2020. Also featuring live music with; Alex Carroll (aka Cardboard Girl), Vesu & Lucy Leave.



Eugene Coyne – Teleportation Station

Howlround – Yosemite

Dogmatic Ways Of Announcement – Essential Tremors

Viva Sherry – Paradise Of Your Summer

Bush Pilot – Jesus Loves That Rock’n’Roll

Lost Chimes – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover version)

Flame Proof Moth – Climate Change

The Quilks – You’re So Great (blur cover version)

Moondrive 71 – Kemp Town Terrier

ba2ta – Part Of A Plan

The Vic Coppersmith Heaven Collective – Pop Con

Chasby Goodwin – La Vie En Rose

Louis Armstrong – La Vie En Rose (excerpt)

Xavier Rudd & The London Gospel Community Choir – Rhythms Of The Earth

Alex Carroll (aka Cardboard Girl) – Nearly Home (LIVE SESSION)

Alex Carroll (aka Cardboard Girl) – All My Favourite Things (LIVE SESSION)

Alex Carroll (aka Cardboard Girl) – Paint Me In Colours (LIVE SESSION)

Alex Carroll (aka Cardboard Girl) – ‘interview’

Rob Bidder – Domestic Dust

Anthony Sylvester – Shut Up Dad, I’m Tidying My Room

Jack Medley’s Secure Men – Lose It

Secondary Comprehensive – Batter Together

Joshua Coppersmith-Heaven – Long Time At Sea

Gentlemen Without Weapons – Unconditional Love Planet Earth

Vic Coppersmith-Heaven – Pengosekan

Thom Driver – Spontaneous Visual Description (Live On The Telephone)

Vesu – Family Tree (LIVE SESSION)

Vesu – Don’t Let Your Eagle Die (LIVE SESSION)

Vesu – Bica (LIVE SESSION)

Vesu – Fear No End (LIVE SESSION)

Vesu – ‘interview’

Rotten Bliss – Salmon On The Beach

Lilith Ai – Underdogs

Trash Kit – Disco

Handle – Describe

Serafina Steer – This Is My Emotion

Lucy Leave – Gymnastics Club (LIVE SESSION)

Lucy Leave – Snow (LIVE SESSION)

Lucy Leave – Pea Costume (LIVE SESSION)

Lucy Leave – Cruel (LIVE SESSION)

Lucy Leave – Thumbs (LIVE SESSION)

Lucy Leave – ‘interview’

Bobby Valentine – Use It Before You Lose It

Presented by: deXter Bentley + Pip McKenzie

Live sound engineers: Julian Sander + Martin Pearce

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