Pod’n’Play: 01.02.20 – ft. Kamura Obscura + Clémentine March

This Saturday 1st February 2020 Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye Show featured Kamura Obscura & Clémentine March performing live in session.


Marcus Jade – Women

Marcus Jade – Swindoll

Clémentine March – Elixir (LIVE SESSION)

Clémentine March – Feux Rouges (LIVE SESSION)

Clémentine March – Le Continent (LIVE SESSION)

Clémentine March – ‘interview’

Erin K – I Have A Knack

Limbs – Cut In The Gut

Marcel Wave – Lights Of Piccadilly

Pulled By Magnets – Moon Of Oduglin

Dog Chocolate – Animals Don’t Give A Shit About Your Art (HG live session archive recording – 26.05.18)

Kamura Obscura – 4 a.m. Diary (LIVE SESSION)

Kamura Obscura – Moon Reflected (LIVE SESSION)

Kamura Obscura – Nina Bargain (LIVE SESSION)

Kamura Obscura – ‘interview’

Fat Planet- Flowers (Open Space Mix)

Presented by: deXter Bentley

Live sound engineer: Nick Cron (assisted by: Lucy Rowe + Helena Almeida)

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