06.01.20 – Resonance FM Clear Spot w. David G.A.Stephenson + deXter Bentley

Please tune-in on 104.4 FM in Central London, D.A.B. un Greater London and worldwide on RadioPlayer between 8-9pm on Monday 6th January 2020 to hear a one-off hour long special broadcast with Resonance FM‘s deXter Bentley (The Hello GoodBye Show) interviewing David G.A. Stephenson on the first anniversary of Gazelli Art House’s exhibition ‘Robert Fraser’s Groovy Arts Club Band‘. This exhibition (& Stephenson & Stapleton’s accompanying 14 song double-vinyl album) celebrated London gallerist Robert Fraser (‘Groovy Bob’) who was a high-profile, pivotal, indeed flamboyant, figure in the 1960s to 1980s, bridging the worlds of art & contemporary music. Friend of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles (Fraser persuaded The Beatles to commission Peter Blake & Jann Haworth to design the ‘Sgt Pepper’ sleeve), Fraser promoted many artists who are widely celebrated these days, including Richard Hamilton, Ed Ruscha, Derek Boshier, Bridget Riley, Brian Clarke, Keith Haring & Jean-Michel Basquiat. Stephenson & Stapleton’s songs celebrating these artists will be played on the show & Stephenson will talk in-depth on Robert Fraser’s life & importance, the Gazelli show (which he co-curated) & the recently-published catalogue (with foreword by Sir Paul Smith + contributions from Gaz Mayall, Harriet Vyner & Cathi Unsworth, among others).

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