Pod’n’Play: 09.11.19 – ft. The Cold Spells, Jessica Irvine aka Horses, Damascene + Gerry Mitchell

On Saturday 9th November 2019 Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye Show featured live music and poetry with The Cold Spells, Jessica Irvine aka Horses, Damascene Gerry Mitchell.


The Cold Spells – Leviathan (LIVE SESSION)

The Cold Spells – Make It Quick (LIVE SESSION)

The Cold Spells – Codger’s Lament (LIVE SESSION)

The Cold Spells – You Play My Mistakes (LIVE SESSION)

The Cold Spells – ‘interview’

Bernadette Reed – Green Again

Bamboo – Daughters Of The Sky (Emma Gatrill remix)

Viva Sherry – Young Zebra

Jessica Irvine / Horses – Sharks (LIVE SESSION)

Jessica Irvine / Horses – Spiralling (LIVE SESSION)

Jessica Irvine / Horses – Horses (LIVE SESSION)

Jessica Irvine / Horses – ‘interview’

Flameproof Moth – Yes, Ban Planes

Matt Finucane – Raw Material

Gerry Mitchell – No Echo In Dead Space (LIVE POETRY READING)

Damascene – Out On Parole (LIVE SESSION)

Damascene – Almond Clouds (LIVE SESSION)

Damascene – ‘interview’

Me=U – Resonant Waves

The Raincoats – Red Shoes

Presented by: deXter Bentley

Live sound engineers: Julian Sander, Nick Cron & Martin Pearce

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