Pod’n’Play: 23.02.19 – ft. Two Worlds Collide + Flame Proof Moth

Saturday 23rd February 2019 found Two Worlds Collide and Flame Proof Moth performing live in session on The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show on London’s Arts radio station Resonance 104.4 FM.


Psychoyogi – Substance Abuse

Flame Proof Moth – Advice (LIVE SESSION)

Flame Proof Moth – Ayahuasca Retreat (LIVE SESSION)

Flame Proof Moth – Climate Change (LIVE SESSION)

Flame Proof Moth – Books (LIVE SESSION)

Flame Proof Moth – Drugs (LIVE SESSION)

Flame Proof Moth – Besom (LIVE SESSION)

Flame Proof Moth – ‘interview’

Bity C.B. Booker – Parrots In London

Northwest – London

Nun Habit – Scandinavian Wives

Madonnatron – Sucker Punch

Vital Idles – Break A

Two Worlds Collide – Apathy (LIVE SESSION)

Two Worlds Collide – There’s A War In Heaven (LIVE SESSION)

Two Worlds Collide – We Are Gone (LIVE SESSION)

Two Worlds Collide – ‘interview’

Crisis – No Town Hall

Cowboy Flying Saucer – Theme From Cowboy Flying Saucer

Presented by: deXter Bentley

Live sound engineers: Nick Cron, Julian Sander, Mia Kukathasan & Girish Rambaran

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