A Year In The Ears Of The Hello GoodBye Show – 01.01.19 / 16:00 – 24:00 hrs

A Year In The Ears Of The Hello GoodBye Show

A full 8 hours of live music on Resonance FM on New Years Day 2019 from 4pm until midnight.

A listen back to each artist recorded live in session on The Hello GoodBye Show every Saturday lunchtime over the past 12 months.

Featuring: Dan Lyons, Fear Of The Forest, G-Bop Orchestra, Stick In The Wheel, Spinmaster Plantpot, Platypus, The Cold Spells, C.A.R., Eric Random, PreGoblin, Ralegh Long, S.D.F., Snowpoet, Bas Jan, Eugene Coyne, Katy And Nick, The Kick Inside, Viridian Ensemble, Peeping Drexels, Sadie Jemmett, Videocean, Jemma Freeman And The Cosmic Something, Lily Ramona, Paper Dollhouse, Cowboy Flying Saucer, John Johanna, Rebecca Closure, Charismatic Megafauna, The Anderson Tapes, Amy Rigby, Dubi Dolczek, Montague Armstrong, Ieva Dubova And Jo Howson, Sailing Stones, Wreckless Eric, Howlround, The Monochrome Set, The Reverse, Franzisca Lantz, The Subliminal Kittens, Lucy Leave, Rat The Magnificent, Johanna Bramli, Sephine Llo, Wendy Rae Fowler, now, Alabaster deplume, Left Hand Cuts Off The Right, No Cars, Honey Hahs, Sabatta, Nova Twins, Dog Chocolate, Sloth Racket, Thee Alex, Meddicine, Slaylor Moon, Olivia Chaney, Peluché, Gerry Mitchell, Grimm Grimm, Ingrid Plum, Jezmi Fehmi, Marine Store Dealer, Clémentine March, Jo Quail, Anarchistwood, Red Propellers, Dan Merril (D.R.O.), Fröst, Technofossil, Vital Idles, Honey Birch And Emmeline Armitage, Sex Cells, C.X.R., The Wave Pictures, Joe Wilkes, Rita Braga, Lucy Claire, Deerful, iDoris, Clogged Cog, Pink Eye Club, Alternative T.V., Ana da Silva, Byrne/Hunter Duo, Dead Space Chamber Music, Kristin Hersh, Mésange, Rattle, Azalia Snail, Thomas Stone, Ice Baths, Trevor Moss And Hannah-Lou, Stanlæy, Scud FM, Chop Chop, Joss Cope, Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business, Fragile Star and Piney Gir.

**Please note that the first Hello GoodBye Show for 2019 will be broadcast between midday and 1.30pm on Saturday 12th January, featuring live music and poetry with: Kira Kira, Map 71 and Gerry Mitchell All Stars.

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