Podcast + playlist: 26.05.18 – ft. Sloth Racket, Dog Chocolate + Thee Alex

Sloth Racket

Dog Chocolate

Thee Alex

On Saturday 26th May 2018 Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye Show featured live music from Sloth Racket, Dog Chocolate and Thee Alex.


Sloth Racket – A Glorious Monster (LIVE SESSION)

Sloth Racket – ‘interview’

Thee Alex – ‘untitled improvisation’ (LIVE SESSION)

Thee Alex – ‘interview’

Meddicine – Poisons

Slaylor Moon – Frogs

Peluche – Keep Making Me Happy

Band Of Holy Joy – To Leave Or Remain

Dog Chocolate – Dog Chocolate ‘95 (LIVE SESSION)

Dog Chocolate – Animals Don’t Give A Shit About Your Art (LIVE SESSION)

Dog Chocolate – Amateurs Forever (LIVE SESSION)

Dog Chocolate – How Can We Destroy The Museum (LIVE SESSION)

Dog Chocolate – Ship The Rocks Back (LIVE SESSION)

Dog Chocolate – Volcano Baby Man (LIVE SESSION)

Dog Chocolate – ‘interview’

Vital Idles – Cave Raised

Presented by: deXter Bentley

Live sound engineer: Martin Pearce

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