Podcast + playlist: The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye – Part 1 Ft: Snowpoet, Ralegh Long + S.D.F.

On Saturday 3rd February 2018 deXter Bentley presented Part 1 of The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show Resonance FM fundraiser, where listeners purchased airtime for £10 per minute.

Featuring live music from Snowpoet, Ralegh Long and S.D.F. plus spoken word with Gerry Mitchell.

NB* Part 2 will be broadcast next Saturday 10th February 2018.


Jail – Psykick Dancehall (The Fall cover version)

David Cronenberg’s Wife – Desperate Little Man

Lucy’s Diary – Roses

Sergeant Buzfuz – The Ventriloquist’s Funeral

Chips For The Poor Vs. Deep Slanck – Tyres

Boyle and Shaw w. Keeley Forsyth – Madness

Dog Chocolate – How Can We Destroy The Museum

Bromide – Proof

Fupper – Rocket

Gabriel Naim Amour – Ouled Kacem To Paris

Hendrik Huthoff – Say Goodbye

Patrick May – J.M.B.

Patrick May – Totisesti

Rebecca Closure – I Luv U

Silkess Demon – She Thinks That She Can Still Go Dancing

Ralegh Long – The Combine (LIVE SESSION)

Ralegh Long – Am I Home (LIVE SESSION)

Ralegh Long – ‘untitled’ (LIVE SESSION)

Ralegh Long – ‘interview’

Honey Hahs – I Know U Know (Hello GoodBye archive recording – 29.04.17)

Pepe Belmonte – Foolish (Hello GoodBye archive recording – 09.02.13)

Sebastian Melmoth – In The Nineties

Subliminal Kittens – Like You

Steve Rushton – Thoughts Dreams Adventures Of Eye (verse 13)

Unit – Chester Scores Another Goal

Unit – Miranda Passes The Audition

Unit – Nina On The Dancefloor

Thom Driver – 3rd Of February 2018 (improvised poem over the telephone live from Düsseldorf)


Snowpoet – The Therapiist (LIVE SESSION)

Snowpoet – Pixel (LIVE SESSION)

Snowpoet – Snow (LIVE SESSION)

Snowpoet – Another Step (LIVE SESSION)

Snowpoet – ‘interview’

Patrick Wray – Indie Rut

No Babies – Nettle

Ep/64 (Quartet Version) – Number 18 – Cube (Extract)

Gerry Mitchell – Scent Of Pears (LIVE POETRY READING)

Dirty Viv – Death In Paris

Dirty Viv – Teddington Tea

Katy And Nick – Mother Of Pearl (Roxy Music cover version)

Eugene Coyne – War On Mouse

Bas Jan – Argument

S.D.F. – Dancefloor Baby (LIVE SESSION)

S.D.F. – Children OF The Scaffold (LIVE SESSION)

S.D.F. – Slippery Slope (LIVE SESSION)

S.D.F. – ‘interview’

Presented by: deXter Bentley

Live sound engineers: Ilia Rogatchevski + Isa Ferri

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