Best Bits 2017 – Part 2 (of 3) – Midday 30.12.17

The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show Best Bits 2017 Part 2 (of 3).

A full two hours of music performed live in session on Resonance FM over the past twelve months.

Tune-in between 12:00-14:00 on Saturday 30.12.17 on 104.4 FM in Central London, DAB in Greater London or worldwide on-line via: Radioplayer

Featuring; Joss Cope, Ed Dowie, Honey Hahs, Bad Parents, Koral Society, Naim Amor, The Avon Guard, Those Unfortunates, Lewis Floyd Henry, Spannerman, Poetry Art Exchange (ft. SteveRushton And Margento), Sebastian Melmoth, Simon Waldram, Manu Louis, The Windsors, Kokoroko, Tongue, Gerry Mitchell, Henrys Face, Iafra Famoriyo, Minnie Micros, Your Heterosexual Violence, fos, Madonnatron, Matthew Battle, Ben Arthur, Entropi, ThisIsTheKit, Viva Sherry, Ieva Dubova, Joe Howson, Rotten Bliss, The Plan, Band Of Holy Joy.

Special thanks to live sound engineers; Ilia Rogatchevski, Leisha Thomas, Martin Pearce, Erik Lintunen, Liza Gurtz, Josh Eagle, Beth Rogers, Sara Ghandour, Sarah Nicholl, Edwin Dorley, Elise Morgan & Ollie Guard.


NB* Part 3 will be broadcast from midday on Saturday 6th January 2018.

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