Best Bits 2017 – Part 1 (of 3) – Midday 23.12.17

The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show Best Bits 2017 Part 1 (of 3).

A full two hours of music performed live in session on Resonance FM over the past twelve months.

Tune-in between 12:00-14:00 on Saturday 23.12.17 on 104.4 FM in Central London, DAB in Greater London or worldwide on-line via: Radioplayer

Featuring; Rattle, Ravioli Me Away, 8mm Orchestra, Emily C. Smith, Anarchistwood, Bromide, Gerry Mitchell (w. Bromide), Clare Simmonds, Jose Menor, Keshco, Peluché, Spaceheads, Charismatic Megafauna, Dominique Golden, Now, Efa Supertramp, Sleaze, Guttfull , Trent Miller, Dan Edelstein And TheOrchestra Of Cardboard, Duke Garwood, Fragile Star, French For Cartridge, Emma Tricca And Jason McNiff, Run Logan Run, The Evil Usses, Deadwall, G-Bop Orchestra, Madame So, The Fleas, Casual Sect, Fupper, Li’l Lost Lou, Mary Ocher, Chris Warren.

Special thanks to live sound engineers; Ilia Rogatchevski, Leisha Thomas, Martin Pearce, Erik Lintunen, Liza Gurtz, Josh Eagle, Beth Rogers, Sara Ghandour, Sarah Nicholl, Edwin Dorley, Elise Morgan & Ollie Guard.


NB* Part 2 will be broadcast from midday on Saturday 30th December 2017.

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