Podcast + playlist: Hello GoodBye – 09.12.17 – ft. Keeley Forsyth, Arkology + Art Terry and Friends

Keeley Forsyth

Art Terry


Keeley Forsyth, Art Terry and Friends plus Arkology all performed live in session on Resonance FM this Saturday the 9th December 2017.


Keeley Forsyth – Steady And Strong (LIVE SESSION)

Keeley Forsyth – My Father (LIVE SESSION)

Keeley Forsyth – My Love (LIVE SESSION)

Keeley Forsyth – I Believe I Will Soon Return (LIVE SESSION)

Keeley Forsyth – ‘interview’

Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band – Mrs. Dyer The Baby Farmer

Fear Of The Forest – Ordinary Man

Art Terry & Friends – 13th Amendment (LIVE SESSION)

Art Terry & Friends – Queen Of The Ghetto (LIVE SESSION)

Art Terry & Friends – Compared To What? (adapted from a Les McCann original) (LIVE SESSION)

Art Terry & Friends – ‘interview’

Dean Rodney Jr. + Ravioli Me Away – Dean TV Girls

Arkology – Calling (LIVE SESSION)

Arkology – Every Time (LIVE SESSION)

Arkology – Do Good (LIVE SESSION)

Arkology – ‘interview’

Spaceheads – Laugh In The Face Of Power

Presented by: deXter Bentley

Live sound engineer: Ilia Rogatchevski

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