Podcast + playlist: Hello GoodBye – 02.12.17 – ft. Hater, Jack Hayter, Sexton Ming, Gerry Mitchell + Sister Mercedes

Sister Mercedes

Jack & Owen Hayter


Performing live in session from Resonance FM’s Studios 1 & 2 this Saturday lunchtime the 2nd December 2017 were; Hater, Jack Hayter and Sister Mercedes.

Plus, the final episode of Sexton Ming’s Mr. Guttal’s Letter From The Afterlife – Part 6: Gatecrashing The 27 Club.

Also, spoken word with Gerry Mitchell.


Hater – Blushing (LIVE SESSION)

Hater – ‘as yet untitled sing’ (LIVE SESSION)

Hater – Rest (LIVE SESSION)

Hater – ‘interview’

Jack Hayter – Mulberry Tree At Abbey Wood (LIVE SESSION)

Jack Hayter – Fanny On The Hill (LIVE SESSION)

Jack Hayter – The Beheading Game (LIVE SESSION)

Jack Hayter – The Arandora Star (LIVE SESSION)

Jack Hayter – ‘interview’

Sexton Ming – Mr. Guttal’s Letter From The Afterlife – Part 6: Gatecrashing The 27 Club

Keeley Forsyth – Being With Him

Arkology – The Truth? Dub

Lucky Soul – Livin’ On A Question Mark

Gerry Mitchell – The Beat Hotel (LIVE POETRY READING)

Sister Mercedes – Out Of Time (LIVE SESSION)

Sister Mercedes – New Generation (LIVE SESSION)

Sister Mercedes – I Never Got To Know You Because You Wore A Disguise (LIVE SESSION)

Sister Mercedes – Johnny’s Gone Surfing (LIVE SESSION)

Sister Mercedes – Driving Around In A Stolen Car (LIVE SESSION)

Sister Mercedes – ‘interview’

Presented by: deXter Bentley

Live sound engineer: Ilia Rogatchevski

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